Connecting Neighbors to Fight COVID-19

Corona Community Hotline : (800) 451-1954

We help volunteers help more people

Technology doesn't actually do anything. People do things.

Corona Community is a project of Crisis Cleanup. We have helped 1,700 relief organizations collaborate after 142 disasters in 48 states and 7 countries since 2012. We don't have volunteers of our own, but we help volunteers on the ground coordinate and help more people.

After it became clear that COVID-19 was going cause major problems, relief organizations and govenment agencies from across the country asked to use our platform to coordinate volunteer responses. We quickly put together this website, and made some major upgrades to Crisis Cleanup for the pandemic response. So please pardon our dust.

We don't tell anyone what, whether, how, where, or how long to do anything. Each organization is responsible for its own activities. We just help them help more people.

This website is for the public. is only for volunteers that have joined a relief organization.

The founder of Crisis Cleanup, Aaron Titus, has written a book titled How to Prepare for Everything. He has pledged to donate 50% of profits from the sale of that book to support these efforts.

How to Prepare for Everything

Empowering you to face disruption with your community, and to feel good about the future. 50% of profits during the COVID-19 response will be donated to support this website and the COVID-19 voluntary response.